Nikki Anderson

Title: Research Program Assistant II

Location: Navajo NationTuba City, AZ


Nikki, a member of the Diné Nation, is Tabaaha (Edge Water), born for the Choctaw. Her maternal grandpa is of the One- Walks around (Honágháahni), and her paternal grandpa is Chickasaw. She joined the Center in December of 2022. Nikki works as a Research Program Assistant II in Tuba City, AZ and is involved in assisting in carrying out research in accordance with good clinical practices in such activities as obtaining informed consent, data and specimen collection, and patient follow-up over time. Nikki also collects data from participants, which may include some or all of the following: interview data; self-report data; observational data in the home; health specimen collections.

Prior to joining the Center, Nikki worked largely in volunteering for her locally community in coordinating recreational activities and community gatherings for over 7 years. During this period, she had the opportunity to work with Native American populations promoting health and wellness. It was in this capacity that she developed a passion for working in community health to improve the health of Native communities and attain Hózhó. Nikki has a Associates of Science, Health Occupations, and has completed the Public Health Training Certificate for Public Health, Associates of Science, Public Health, Health Education Socio-Cultural Option. She is currently pursuing a BA degree in Public Health and Associates in Social Work from Dine College, May 2023.