2022 Native American History Month

We are excited to invite you all to our Native American Heritage Month Program on Wednesday, November 2, 2022 at 4pm at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, featuring speakers Dr. Donald Warne and Dr. Melissa Walls, Co-Directors of the Johns Hopkins Center for Indigenous Health. Dr. Warne’s talk, Toward Understanding of the Treaty Basis for the American Indian Health System, will be followed by Dr. Walls talk, Indigenous Public Health Research: Representation Matters. Additional cultural presentations will accompany the program.

Arrive early and peruse the informative display Why Treaties Matter that will be hosted by the Bloomberg School of Public Health from November 1-15, 2022. Why Treaties Matter explores how treaties affected the lands and lifeways of the Indigenous Peoples, with examples from the Great Lakes and Great Plains regions, and why these binding agreements between nations still matter today.

Additional Native American Heritage Month Activities

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Building A Pueblo Adobe Oven
Native American Heritage Month main event
Film & Discussion: “Remember the Children”
No Equity Without Sovereignty: Indigenous Resistance Through Data
Beading Workshop