Healing Pathways (Anishinaabe Giigewin Miikana)

The Healing Pathways Project is a community-based participatory research study involving 735 American Indian and First Nations youth and their caregivers living in the northern Midwestern United States and Ontario, Canada. The project began in 2002 with collaborations between eight reservation and reserve communities and our university-based research team. As of 2021, we have completed a total of 11 waves of survey interviews with Healing Pathways participants. Findings from Healing Pathways have taught us important lessons about the roles of culture and family for healthy Indigenous development, the emergence of mental health problems and strengths in adolescence, and substance use over the life-course.

We are thrilled to share that the Healing Pathways team has received renewed funding from the NIH to follow-up with the original adolescent participants (now adults) and their own children to learn about intergenerational pathways of healthy development. Participants will be recontacted by members of the study team between 2022-2024. Updates, new publications, and new stories from our team will be shared on the project YouTube channel and other links below.

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