Center for Indigenous Health Partners with Sesame Workshop

What happens when you combine Sesame Street’s vibrant world of educating children with the Johns Hopkins Center for Indigenous Health’s strong partnership with Indigenous communities nationwide? Together, we find out!  

We are thrilled to announce a new partnership with  Sesame Workshop and the Center for Indigenous Health to develop and share culturally appropriate materials for Indigenous children across the United States. The Johns Hopkins Center for Indigenous Health’s 30+ years of partnership with tribal communities strives to advance Indigenous well-being and health leadership to the highest level. When brought together, two missions become one.  

The need for culturally appropriate and relevant materials is imperative to promote the highest learning and well-being among Indigenous children. The partnership between Sesame Workshop and the Center provides a unique opportunity to bring the strengths of both organizations together to provide uplifting, educational, and empowering materials to enhance the growth, development, and well-being of Indigenous children around the nation.   

This nationwide project will take place over the course of a year and include new play spaces for Indigenous communities featuring favorite Sesame Street characters and learning tools such as books, videos and interactive games tailored in collaboration with the Center for Indigenous Health to reflect Indigenous cultural values, empower families, and inspire a healthier future. Many of these materials will be distributed through the Center’s Family Spirit early childhood home-visiting program that reaches thousands of Indigenous families every year.