Alessandra Angelino

Title: Adolescent Medicine Clinical Fellow

Location: Baltimore, MD


Dr. Alessandra Angelino joined Johns Hopkins and the Center for Indigenous Health in 2023. As an undergraduate, she majored in International Health at Georgetown University and had the opportunity to work in an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community in Australia. This experience inspired her passion for Indigenous health, health equity, and public health. Dr. Angelino earned an MPH in Global Health at the University of Washington. She formalized connections with American Indian communities and national Indigenous organizations, resulting in research and advocacy related to Two Spirit and gender diverse youth and adolescents. She created the “Celebrating Our Magic Toolkit” which has been utilized globally as a tool for Indigenous Two Spirit and LGBTQ+ youth, parents, and healthcare providers. Dr. Angelino completed her Pediatrics Residency at the University of North Carolina. She continued working with American Indian communities, the Indian Health Service, and The Fenway Institute to create curricula and national guidelines related to Indigenous gender diverse youth.

Her research and publications center on intersectionality, cultural connection and mental health outcomes, and community based participatory research. In the advocacy space, she is a liaison on the AAP’s Committee on Native American Child Health (CONACH) and serves to increase visibility for Indigenous youth and adolescents. Dr. Angelino is excited for her Adolescent Medicine Fellowship and work at the Center to continue clinical, advocacy, and policy work focused on Indigenous youth and adolescents, gender diverse youth, and health equity.

Outside of work, Alessandra enjoys cooking, swimming, hiking, and yoga.