Azhe’é Bidziil (Strong Fathers): Improving Outcomes Among Rural Native Fathers and Their Families

The Azhe’é Bidziil (Strong Fathers) program is based on evidence-based programs designed in collaboration with the Navajo Nation, White Mountain Apache Tribe, and the Johns Hopkins Center for Indigenous Health. Azhe’é Bidziil combines two evidence-based interventions developed specifically for Native communities and proven to work through our tribal-academic partnership: Respecting the Circle of Life© (RCL) and Arrowhead Business Group© (ABG). RCL focuses on improving the health of young Native people by teaching skills to promote healthy relationships and good parenting practices. ABG develops skills and provides opportunities for Native peoples to achieve economic stability with a primary focus on entrepreneurship education and economic security.

Program Goals

To increase economic stability of Native fathers and their families, reduce violence in rural Native communities, and increase healthy relationships and co-parenting in Native communities. Native fathers (or father figures) will participate in a program that promotes:

  • Healthy Relationships
  • Responsible Parenting
  • Economic Stability
  • Eligibility

Native fathers (or father figures such as grandfathers, uncles, etc.) who are age 18 years and older and have at least one child < 24 years old. Recruitment and implementation began in May 2021 and is ongoing through Summer 2025. Program Overview Over 3 months, fathers will participate in the following: 12 weekly sessions with a group of 8-12 fathers Comprehensive case management (at least 8 visits). Case Managers will meet one-on-one with participants (via phone or in person) to provide referrals and check in on goal progress.

Read More: Azhe’é Bidziil (Strong Fathers): Study Protocol for the Pilot Evaluation of an American Indian Fatherhood Program to Improve the Health and Wellbeing of Diné (Navajo) Fathers

Program Facilitators: Nolan Tsingine (Tuba City), Jeremy Begay (Tuba City), Lyle Beall (Chinle), and Randy Lynch (Fort Defiance).

Locations: Chinle, Tuba City, Fort Defiance, AZ.

Funding Agency:  Administration for Children & Families Office of Family Assistance (ACF/OFA)

For more information: Jennifer Richards, PhD, MPH: – Principal Investigator | Tiffani Begay, MPH: – Program Coordinator